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2006 Scion xB Compact Minivan

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2006 Scion xB Compact Minivan


The ugly, little, practical box.

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Before you read any further, remember: you don’t buy an xB for what’s under the hood. Keep this (and the price-range) in mind as you consider that the xB barely breaks the 100 mark with 103 horses (at 6,000 RPM) and 101 lb-ft or torque (at 4,200 RPM). The 16-valve 1.5-liter inline-4 engine is run off a 5-speed manual transmission. Upgrade your stick shift to a four-speed automatic for about $1,000 more than the MSRP of $13,880.

Coming standard are power-vented front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. Suspension is adequate: sport-tuned McPhersons in the front, and torsion beam in the rear.

The front-wheel-drive xB sits on the same platform that the very-compact xA, which seems a little odd at first thought. But both of them seat five �' the xB is just a little taller and slightly wider.


While the anti-skid system is a definite help, the xB's small tires have a limited contact patch. Scion should definitely look into adding some wider tires. While turning radius is great thanks to the xB's compact size, going around corners feels a little uncomfortable with a little too much lean and way too much jump when hitting bumps at high speeds.

But though you might expect to hear the wind howling in your ears on the freeway due to the xB’s shape, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that it’s remarkably quiet inside. You’ll also enjoy a lot of headroom, and you’ll have great visibility thanks to the seat height.


This is one car you can store stuff in. With 43.4 cubic inches of cargo space, stash all sorts of junk in the trunk, which includes an under-floor storage bin. The rear seats fold down 60/40 to provide even more cargo room.

Don't be discouraged or turned off the xB by its instrument panel, which can be found in the center of the dash. It seems as though it would be incredibly annoying, or even dangerous, but you'll quickly adjust. In fact, it's really much safer - your eyes naturally drift to the center of the road, so checking your speed on the freeway is as easy as vertically lowering your gaze. And get used to this set-up from Toyota �' the 2007 Yaris also boasts centered dials.

Those dials, which are circular along with the air vents, emphasize the geometric features of the xB's exterior, making for a well-integrated (if a little ugly) look that carries from the inside out. All control are easy to reach from the driver's seat, and lots of little cubbies and pockets around the front seats are helpful for those who can't leave the house without all their "stuff." Silver accents update the interior and give it a splash of sophistication.

All passengers sit higher up than you'd expect in comfy cloth seats. Scion would do well to extend the thigh support, but you ...

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2008 Scion XB Compact 5-Door Wagon

By the Staff   

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Styling can be a turnoff to some - but others love it.

Styling can be a turnoff to some - but others love it.

Scion XB (2008) - enlarge

2008 Scion XB Overview

The Scion XB returns in its second generation with styling (interior and exterior) and engine changes. Built in Japan, this compact, five-door hatchback is produced by Toyota for its youth-oriented Scion brand, with its first generation version introduced in 2004 and capturing the hipper American market with its quirky styling. Launched at a time when Toyota was concerned about losing younger American buyers, the spin-off Scion brand carried the first XB with a daring square-ish look, standing out among other economy cars that all looked the same.

Now, the new XB is out, and though it is curvier (a slight deviation from the former look that gained a particular following), it has a more powerful engine, substantial standard features, a good range of options for customization, a bevy of safety and security features, and a spruced-up audio system. The new XB has emerged as the more substantial car, with a roomier interior providing more comfort, ease of loading and unloading stuff, and just the right legroom for those who are keen on space but do not want to purchase an SUV. Aside from value for your money, it also boasts good mileage (City MPG/22, 18 - 26 expected range, Highway MPG/28, 23 - 33 expected range), which is a great bonus for those who are looking to match hip styling with a practical purchase, and some fuel economy.

This family and pet-friendly hatchback has an MSRP of $16,600.00. For this test, we drove an XB with a 158-horsepower, 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine (that's a lot more power compared to the first XB's 103-horsepower, 1.5-liter engine) mated with a four-speed sequential automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. Standard features included are 16-inch steel wheels, air conditioning, a tilt steering wheel, cruise control, power windows, mirrors, and locks, and an impressive Pioneer audio system with six speakers, an AM/FM stereo with a single CD player and MP3 playback, an auxiliary audio input jack, and a dedicated iPod jack (with iPod integration). The XB comes only in its base trim level, with carpeted floor/cargo mats (a five-piece set) which cost an additional $155.00, Scion Security ($469.00), and delivery ($580.00), the total price amounted to $17,804.00. Competing cars range from the Suzuki Forenza wagon to other four-cylinder crossover SUVs such as the Hyundai Tucson, Honda Element and Kia Sportage. It is also comparable to other hatchbacks such as the Volkswagen Rabbit and the Mazda 3.

The 2008 Scion XB Exterior

The current XB is less boxy - having rounder, less squared off edges - than the previous version. It is also somewhat larger - it is three inches wider, one foot longer, and two inches shorter (height) than the former version - and we liked it better. It is heavier, its size is more suited to Am...

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