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Blake Mitsubishi
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Mitsubishi International Corporation
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RR 495
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Sullivan Bros Mitsubishi
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2004 Mitsubishi Outlander Compact Sport Utility Vehicle

By Sandra Kinsler and Brian Leshon   

New Car Review of the 2004 Mitsubishi Outlander Compact Sport Utility Vehicle.

Description: Compact SUV
Base MSRP Range: $18,449 - $22,349
Invoice Price Range: $17,116 - $20,731

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Constructed on the same platform that supports Mitsubishi's sporty Lancer sedan, the compact-class Outlander SUV has a rigid unibody structure and independent suspension components that deliver a car-like ride quality.

It's small enough to navigate easy through a crowded parking lot yet large enough in the cabin to provide ample space for five passengers plus a load of cargo. At the rear, Outlander has a big hatchback tailgate that swings high for access to the aft compartment. A flexible seat plan with folding seatbacks on the rear bench creates an expandable bay for gear.

Outlander splits into LS and XLS trims, each stocking the same four-cylinder engine and available in FWD or AWD. The single-cam 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine has been improved this year by 20 power points due to the addition of Mitsubishi's innovative valve timing and lift electronic control (MIVEC) system. It now hits 160 hp and links to a four-speed Sportronic automatic-manual transmission. The automatic contains an adaptive controller linked to a computer th...

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2004 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS All Wheel Drive Compact Sport Utility Vehicle

By Michele Brooke   

What was Tested?: 2004 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS

Base MSRP: $22,197

Mileage: 20 city / 26 highway

The crossover SUV market is currently the hottest party in town. Started in the 1990s by Subaru's Outback, these mini-utes (as they're commonly called) appeal to consumers who need more room, but not the extreme offroad capability that's paired with heftier SUVs. On top of that, these buyers are not interested in paying large sums of money just so they can comfortably tote their playthings (mountain bikes, kayaks) to the woods and rivers. Between you and me, what they're really looking for (but would never admit) is a station wagon: lots of room, comfy feel plus a ride height that's taller than a sedan's.

However, station wagons have gone the way of the Brady Bunch and with good reason - they were simply cheesy. Enter the crossover SUVs. They provide the same amenities, but they look much, much cooler.

Already a crowded market, Mitsubishi is a latecomer to this star-studded show, whose headliners include the highly touted Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4. In order to compete and make a name for itself the Mitsubishi Outlander needs to not only compete, but also differentiate itself from the pack.

Outlander versus CRV and RAV4

Under the hood, there's not a lot of variation among the Outlander, CRV and RAV4. All come equipped with capable 4-cylinder engines and roughly the same horsepower and torque stats. For those of you who have been following the Outlander since its debut in 2003 you'll note that its horsepower increased in 2004 by 14.3 percent, so that at 160 horses it now ranks right up there with the other two (RAV4 = 161 hp and CRV = 160 hp).

The RAV4 barely squeaks ahead in the fuel economy department, listing its EPA numbers as 27 mpg on the open road while the Outlander and CRV tie at 26 mpg. In the city, the CRV shares a 22 mpg rating with the RAV4, although not much greater than the Outlander's thirsty 20 mpg.

Given the fact that we're only talking about 4-cylinder engines, it would be nice if we could see better fuel economy ratings. However, what they may lack in frugality they make up for in cargo room. Here, the CRV comes out on top with its 72 cubic feet (with rear seats down) versus the RAV4's 68.3 cubic feet and the Outlander's 60.3 cubic feet.

Basically, the Outlander, CRV and RAV4 are all within close range of one another, which narrows the buying decision to your own personal preferences. If you prefer the interaction of a manual transmission then go for the CRV or RAV4 as the Outlander only comes automatic. However, in the attractiveness department we would choose the Outlander above the rest.

Looks matter

Inside, the cabin has a classy, no frills appearance. Mitsubishi did a nice job on the faux metal trim and the center analog clock is reminiscent of something found on an Infiniti or higher end vehicle. We took our test vehicle on a 200+ mile road ...

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2007 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS 4WD Sport Utility Vehicle

By Derek Price   

2007 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS 4WD Sport Utility Vehicle

What was tested? 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS 4WD ($25,010).

Price as tested (including $625 destination charge): $25,635.

Buying a small SUV is like picking out a puppy at the animal shelter.

Every one of them is cute at this stage, although you know some will turn out sweet while others will become vicious, couch-eating monsters the size of a school bus. And some try harder to catch your attention.

Take the Ford Escape, Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. These are the puppies that beg for attention at the front of the cage, constantly flashing their big, brown eyes as you see them on TV commercials and watch them pull into your neighbors' driveways. They follow you wherever you go - but that doesn't mean they're necessarily the best for your family.

2007 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS 4WD Sport Utility Vehicle

In the back corner, just waking up from a nap, is another puppy you really ought to consider taking home. It's the Mitsubishi Outlander.

This one clearly doesn't get as much attention as its more visible rivals. It's a mutt, a vehicle you may never have heard of.

But it's much more playful and well-behaved than you'd expect.

When you take this SUV on the road, you can feel it wagging its tail. It's happy to drive, something you don't find often in SUVs unless they come from Porsche or BMW. While this Mitsubishi is certainly no Cayenne or even X3, it does handle better than most small SUVs, making it fun to take on twisting roads or drive vigorously around town.

It also won't eat too much. It gets up to 25 miles per gallon on the highway, which is remarkable for a V6 engine that makes 220 horsepower.

2007 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS 4WD Sport Utility Vehicle

Plus, it looks good and makes a very pleasant bark when you blip the throttle. Its sporty, European body will be a hit with your kids, and its throaty exhaust note has just the right timbre to sound aggressive without being annoying.

As if that's not enough, it's also the perfect size.

The Outlander is small enough to easily maneuver through parking lots, almost like a compact car, but it's also big enough to be comfortable on the inside. The back seat is cramped, but it leaves plenty of room for carrying stuff in the roomy rear cargo area. It's a good compromise between the utility of a mid-size SUV and the efficiency of a small one.

Perhaps the greatest downside to the Outlander isn't in the vehicle itself. It's how Mitsubishi chooses to sell it. There are some really cool options available, including a system that comes with a 30-gigabyte hard drive for storing data, like MP3 files, but you can't buy these options individually. You have to get them in pricey "packages."

2007 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS 4WD Sport Utility Vehicle

For example, the MP3 hard drive only comes in an $1,800 package with the navigation system. You can't get a sunroof unless you also upgrade the stereo in the $1,740 "sound and sun" package. You can't get leather seats without ordering the $1,600 luxury package, which also includes HID headlamps and heated seats.

So, if you only want the...

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