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Save That Tire

By Bill Siuru   

Flat tires are rare today, but they do happen, especially if you drive an older vehicle. Here are a few tips that can mean help increase the chances that the tire can be saved and repaired.

If a tire starts losing air, it is critical that it be repaired before being driven any distance. Underinflated tires can be damaged beyond repair when driven even very short distances. Most of us have experienced tire going flat and it being destroyed while merely pulling onto the roadside to get out of traffic to change the tire.

Those aerosol sealants and inflators like “Fix-a-Flat” are only designed for temporary repairs so you can drive to a safe location and not as a permanent fix. If you have someone else repair the tire, tell them that you have used one of these products since some use flammable gases, such as butane, propane or isobutane. Naturally, don’t smoke when using them. Sometimes using them and then driving on the temporarily repaired tire may render the tire un-repairable.

Punctures up to 1/4" in diameter in car and light truck tires, when confined to the tread, can usually be repaired. However, they must be removed from the wheel and repaired using an inside repair unit and a plug. Outside-in or on-the-wheel repairs are not acceptable. Thus, using only a plug is not an acceptable repair for a puncture. The inner liner should be sealed with the appropriate sealing material. There are different materials and techniques for bias and radial tires, so it is important to use the correct one to the particular tire type. Done properly, repaired sidewalls can be as safe and strong as the remainder of the tire.

Fill small nail holes with vulcanizing material to keep the hole from growing, to cause belt separation, or prevent moisture and contamination from entering the casing.

Never use a tube in a tubeless tire as a substitute for a proper repair.

If you have a high-performance sports car or other vehicle that m...

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